Understand Table Tennis Equipment

Do you need a Viscaria blade, a DHS Hurricane 3 national blue sponge rubber and a Butterfly Tenergy 05 professional version to improve your table tennis? No! Choose a good blade for your playing style! Do not choose another one's paddle. Coach EmRatThich helps you understand your table tennis equipment (racket + rubber) under the viewpoint of a Chinese coach. From now, you can choose your best table tennis combo setup including racket and rubber.

Attentions! Some website just makes a bad review about the paddle. They used the referral link to the Amazon and profit if the links are clicked. The review is not credible because the equipment is biased to the referral subject.

How to choose best table tennis racket

The definition of the racket in Chinese philosophy about table tennis is:
  • The blade is your hand. It will give you the feeling of the ball
  • The blade should be flexible and offensive. Flexibility will increase the rotation of the ball.
  • The blade decides 80% of your playing style. If you are more a hitter than a top-spinner, choose a very fast blade. If you want to loop at a mid and far distance from the table, choose a larger blade.
  • The more you accelerate your blade, the more you make the ball spin.

Best offensive rubbers in table tennis

What is the best table tennis rubbers for your playing style?

  • Rubbers increase the speed of the ball.
  • Choose a rubber not too soft, neither too hard. Too soft rubber will bottom out the ball. Too hard rubber is difficult to spin the ball.
  • Choose a rubber with thickness around 2.0mm to 2.15mm or 2.20mm. Don't choose too thick rubber.

How to choose best Chinese rubber

There are many myths about Chinese rubber. See the video "the truth about Chinese tacky rubber".

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