Chinese style Forehand topspin against heavy backspin

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. I will show you the best tips to forehand loop kill the backspin ball from a chopper.

Best tips to forehand topspin the heavy backspin ball in table tennis

  • dropped the racket very low, lower than the knee
  • most of the power comes from the waist and the legs
  • weight transfer from the right foot to the left foot. This action will lift the ball
  • rotate the waist to hit the ball forward. The more you rotate the waist, the more the ball goes forward

In the previous video, Ma Long practices his backhand attack against the backspin ball of a chopper, but can't finish the point with his backhand. However, it's not a problem for Ma Long when he uses the forehand to loop kill this ball. He has trained like that a thousand time. Furthermore, the mechanism of the forehand attack is different from the backhand attack.

And the forearm is only a tool to transfer this 2 forces to the ball: "power from the ground" to lift the ball, and waist rotation to hit the ball forward. I have explained these concepts previously, today you can see it clearer. There is no chance for the chopper.

With this Chinese technique, you can loop kill the backspin ball more powerfully, and much more consistently than just folding and lifting your forearm around the elbow.

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