Day 1 | Zhang Jike lost

There are many upsets in the first day of "The Marvellous 12" Chinese Trials 2017. Can the top 4: Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong survive this toughest table tennis tournament? I will recap all of the highlights of the day 1. See the playlist for the next summary of "The Marvellous 12".

Day 1 Recap of "The Marvellous 12"

  • Zhang Jike 1-2 Liu Dingshuo 
  • Fan Zhendong 1-2 Lin Gaoyuan 
  • Ma Long 2-0 Yan An 
  • Xu Xin 2-1 Zhou Qihao

The Marvellous 12 playlist: ►

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today is the Day 1 of "The Marvellous 12" - the 12 strongest players on the earth. There are many upset today. I will make a review of day 1.

"The Marvellous 12" is the Final Stage of Chinese Trials 2017. The 12 players are composed of the top 10 players in the previous stage and Ma Long and Zhang Jike. In the previous stage, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin are leaders.

This final stage is organized in Shenzhen from 3 March to 7 March. This event attracts many fans from China, especially the female fans. In the stadium, you can hear many girl-fan screaming for her idol. They also have a fan club, look at the banner on their head: Blue and Yellow banners.

This event is very attractive on the Chinese Media. The tournament is considered one of the toughest tournament in the world. For the first time, a table tennis event is organized like a Warcraft Heroes Theme (King of the Hills). Can you hear it? Who has the most girl fan? Of course, Zhang Jike :)

Zhang Jike lost, Ma Long played well

Ma Long started the tournament. He is always considered as "King of the beginning" - who starts the match very fast and very well. He won Yan An 2-0.

Zhang Jike lost 1-2 to Liu Dingshuo. Maybe due to the injury? or maybe the mental aspect? In the interview, he said that "too many young fangirls are annoying. He can't concentrate to perform well". This mental problem is well-known for Zhang Jike. He is known as the "late starter".

That is for the day 1. See you in the next review. Coach EmRatThich.

Watch the Day 2 recap "Ma Long with a cow".

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