How To Hold Table Tennis Bat Correctly

"Holding a table tennis bat" is the first table tennis lesson. Having a good grip in table tennis is crucial as it allows you to optimize your technique. Without a correct grip, you cannot do the strokes correctly and never improve to a high level of table tennis.

In china, the coach shows the principles of the grip and lets the young kids play with the ball (without the table) at least one week. The kids must feel his racket and adapt his grip properly. This first lesson is very important as the way you hold your bat will stay with you all of your table tennis life.

This is Part 1, Liu Guoliang (刘国梁), the head coach of Chinese Table Tennis National Team will explain us the grip of some professional grips: Wang Hao (王皓), Ryu Seung-min (유승민), Ma Lin (马琳), Timo Boll, Zhang Jike (张继科) and Ma Long (马龙).

The most important tips of how to hold a table tennis racket correctly will be shown in Part 2, which will be published next Sunday 01 January 2017. I will publish table tennis video every Sunday.

Hold Table Tennis Bat Correctly

  • Hold mainly by your thumb and index finger
  • Hold your racket loosely
  • Apply the force by pressing the index finger for the Forehand stroke
  • Apply the force by pressing the thumb finger for the Backhand stroke
  • "Pinch" your racket with these 2 fingers

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