How to Backhand Flick in Table Tennis

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today, I explain to you how to do a strong backhand flick based on a tutorial of a beautiful Chinese coach. Special thanks to chuantt website, I will translate some important tips to perform a good backhand flip. This is one of the 10 standard table tennis lessons provided by the young table tennis coach.


  1. Watch the ball closely. And then lift your elbow. You must lift and put your elbow forward. This is important because if you keep your elbow close to your body, you can't use your elbow as the axis of rotation. By putting the elbow forward, you can now easier to turn back the wrist toward your body. This step is crucial to make a good impact to your backhand flick.
  2. Step toward the table, put the elbow up and forward, turn the wrist maximum so the blade points to your body. Relax the grip, and accelerate when the ball is at the highest position.
  3. Hold the racket loosely can also help you to turn back your racket maximum. Prepare well for the stroke, and accelerate at the moment. You should flip the ball when it is at it's highest position. Look at my video about timing in table tennis. Turn back the wrist so the racket head can point to your body. If you can't do that, it means that you hold your racket too firmly. Relax more. 
  4. Accelerate and brush the ball at it's highest position. If you are too far from the table, you can miss the good timing to flip the ball. The closer you get to the ball, the better chance that you can hit it properly and impact a good power.
This technique sometimes is called as backhand banana flip.

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