Chinese Trials 2017 | Stage 2 Review | Domination of Fan Zhendong

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Chinese Trial 2017 is one of the most interesting tournaments in China to select the best players for WTTC 2017. This is the review for the 2nd stage close tournament only for Chinese National Team. For the review of the 3rd stage, click here.

Chinese Trials 2017 Recap

In the 2nd stage, 14 top Chinese players will compete to select the 10 players to the final stage. The two Grand Slam Champions, Ma Long and Zhang Jike were exempted in this rounds and will go straight to the Final Stage.

In the Final Stage, 12 players (10 players + Ma Long and Zhang Jike) will be competing for the last 5 position to WTTC.

It's very difficult to win this Trials than the international tournaments. The level is really high, and this round, you will fight only for best of 3 sets. (2-0, or 2-1 only). So the match is much more intense with the faster pace of tactics variations.

This 2nd stage is organized from 8 to 11 Feb 2017. The final stage is the biggest tournament of the top 12 strongest players, will be held in Shenzhen, China.

The 2nd stage, the strongest players should be Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin. Ma Long and Zhang Jike are not present in this round, but they will join the Final Stage, which is open to the public, organized from 3 Mars to 7 Mars.

Final standing after Stage 2

The final standing after Stage 2 is: Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Xu Chenhao, Fang Bo, Liang Jingkun, Zhou Yu, Yan An, Liu Dingshuo and so on.

In stage 2, Fan Zhendong has won Xu Xin, and dominated the tournament with his powerful play. In this trial, new DHS balls is used, which is considerably less spin than the previous plastic balls. This ball gives a significant advantage to powerful play style like Fan Zhendong, Xu Chenhao and Zhou Yu.

See you in the final stage from 3 Mars to 7 Mars. I will recover the final stage, one of the toughest tournament on the earth.

Stage 3 Review

Watch the comments of Liu Guoliang of the Stage 3 Review here.

Special thanks to Stiga Table Tennis Kingdom for the footage.
Stay tuned. EmRatThich.

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