Backhand Topspin Against Backspin in Table Tennis

In the history of table tennis, there are only a few players that can consistently use the backhand attack the backspin ball of a chopper. They are Werner Schlager, Kalinikos Kreanga, Karakasevic and Wang Hao.

Even the backhand dominant player like Zhang Jike and Ovtcharov, they always use the forehand to attack the backspin ball of a chopper. Because of the obstruction of the body in the backhand stroke, you can't loop kill the backspin ball with your backhand. Using the backhand, you can lift the ball, but it's very hard to hit the ball "forward".

These are the procedure to do a backhand topspin against backspin:

  • drop the racket down, lower than the table
  • drop the center of gravity down, 2 legs are equally
  • put your elbow forward
  • accelerate to lift the ball by folding the forearm around the elbow
  • use the waist to add power to the backhand loop

So what's the reason for this backhand training of Ma Long? During the Chinese Trials, Liu Guoliang has analyzed many times about the revolution of table tennis. The new ball is slower, so the players have time to attack and counter attack every ball now. Ma Long is asked to adjust this new style of table tennis. However, this backhand attack against the chopper is used only in some "emergency" situations, as a surprise factor.

Of course, the best way to attack the backspin ball is using your forehand to loopkill the ball.

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